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New therapy device improves patient comfort and decreases costs for frozen shoulders and shoulder surgeries.

Pain-totally free shoulder abduction with the SLINGPROM The SLINGPROM(TM) is only patented shoulder pulley system that enables individuals with frozen shoulders or post surgical shoulders to perform Passive Variety of Movement (Prom) workouts at home. This can not be carried out with a traditional shoulder pulley. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, shoulder [...]

Shoulder Injuries Among Swimmers, Surfers Alleviated with Proper Technique, According to Santa Cruz Orthopaedic Institute

Anatomy of a healthy shoulder As demonstrated by a number of rivals coming back again from shoulder injuries at the U.S. Swimming Trials final 7 days, proper technique and conditioning is important for swimmers, surfers and other summer time athletes. Despite the year-round recognition of water sports in Santa Cruz, shoulder issues increase during summer [...]