New therapy device improves patient comfort and decreases costs for frozen shoulders and shoulder surgeries.

Pain-totally free shoulder abduction with the SLINGPROM

The SLINGPROM(TM) is only patented shoulder pulley system that enables individuals with frozen shoulders or post surgical shoulders to perform Passive Variety of Movement (Prom) workouts at home. This can not be carried out with a traditional shoulder pulley.

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, shoulder problems accounted for seven.five million physician visits in 2006, with roughly half of these accidents to the rotator cuff.

In addition, frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) is approximated to be experienced by three to five % of the US population yearly.

Previously, in purchase to obtain (Prom) at home, one would have to lease a machine for hundreds of dollars for each 7 days.

Davidson Therapy Products, LLC has developed and patented The SLINGPROM(TM) to provide discomfort-totally free Passive Variety of Movement (Prom) workouts for the Shoulder to assist improve the recovery from rotator cuff accidents/surgeries, frozen shoulders and shoulder substitute surgeries

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